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This site serves two purposes. The first is to honor my wife which I have written about below. Secondly, to serve as creative platform for men around the world to think together. To share wedding and date ideas, to introduce new ways to hang with your kids, to show how to be the husband and father we were meant to be. Browse around leave comments. Post come weekly. If you have any ideas, photo’s, or video’s please send them to I will post them as soon as possible. Go explore, go learn, go love her.

This site is about my thoughts about my wife. She is a women of extreme value and worth. She is the most beautiful women I have ever dreamt about. She is more valuable than any ruby. I make it my best attempt to be the best husband and father because it is what she deserves. She is constantly pursuing good for myself and for her kids. She is the hardest worker I know. She won’t sleep until she’s been productive and is excited to rise the next morning to seize the day. She loves helping people and will take the first chance to be a helping hand. Our kids are never scarred when mom is in the room and she provides for them before ever considering herself. She is funny and wise, every word from her mouth is powerful and useful. I love her with my life, our kids wouldn’t change a thing. And sweetheart, even though you may never know this is me, I love you more than I could ever express and more than any website could show. I think about you constantly. I think about when I met you, and what you are doing right now. I think about where we’ve been and where we will go. I love you more than you’ll ever know. You are my everything. And I would never change one thing about you. I love You.

– ******* * ****

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